3 Month Baby Pictures - Riverside, CA
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Baby photos riversideAT 3 to 4 months you baby is just starting to smile. She smiles to your voice. She smiles when you come in the room! She smiles when you talk. It's an beautiful thing,  your baby's smile! Smiling is the main milestone and it's a wonderful milestone to capture! It's the beginning development of your baby's personality! Bring your little for her baby photo session. All you need is baby. I use wraps, knitted pants and bows for the girls and beanies for the boys! Oh and be ready to have some fun. If you didn't do newborn photography with your little one when she under 12 days old, this is a great time to get those gorgeous bonding moments between parents and baby. Baby photography is a wonderful thing that you will cherish and she will cherish.  We will talk about colors schemes for your baby photos before the baby photography session so we have looks that you will love. This session will be a favorite that you will treasure for years to come.

Offering baby milestone sessions, maternity and newborn photography, watch me grow sessions for families in the Inland Empire, Riverside, Corona, Norco, Chino, Eastvale, Moreno Valley and surrounding cities. 

Call (951) 389-4749 or email diane@dianebartoo.com for more information or schedule your appointment.

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Love,  Diane

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Megan - I LOVE milestone photography sessions and you made some great points. This image with your words fit perfectly and I cant see any reason for Riverside families not to book today!
Beth - Awww, what an adorable baby photo! Love the styling, and of course her chubby rosy cheeks! Riverside families should all bring their babies to you, great work!!
Jennifer Rittenberry - Milestone sessions are so important to document your child's first year of life and beyond. You are offering a wonderful service by providing all of the props like the knitted pants, bows and wraps! What a cost savings to the parents of Riverside CA and surrounding area. Your work is beautiful and know you will book up fast!
Deanna - You're so right, they grow too fast! You're making me want to have another baby so I can bring them to you in Riverside for milestone pictures. This picture of a 9 month old baby girl smiling is just too precious!
Alyssa - The mommies in Riverside really need to book these milestone session. What a great opportunity to capture these amazing and oh so important milestone! And by the looks of the picture you are obviously a talented baby photographer and these families will walk away with some amazing images to document their baby's milestone.
Ashley - Oh my goodness - she is the CUTEST! Three month portrait sessions are always so much fun. I love seeing their personalities develop...and this little one looks super sassy! Beautiful work, lady!
Patty - Those first smiles are the absolute best. What a great thing to be able to capture and have forever. They grow so fast and change so quickly. I think people forget about the middle between newborn and one year.
Michelle F - I think it is a wonderful idea that you explained about 3 months portraits and all about what the babies do and why it is such a great time to get the babies into the studio for a 3 month baby session! I am sure all of the Mommies in the Riverside area will appreciate this information and surely book some beautiful 3 months baby sessions and watch me grow sessions with you! You are such a talented Riverside Baby Photographer!! Best baby photographer in Riverside is Diane Bartoo Photography
Brenden - What a beautiful 3 month portrait. I love all the peachy colors and that you captured a little smile.
Jenny Storment - Capturing those first smiles at 3 months old is amazing! You really start to see the babies personality come through. 3 month old baby pictures are just as important as newborn pictures.
Allison Anderson - Such a beautiful photo of this sweet little girl. 3 months is such a fun stage for babies. They are starting to get so chubby and they have the bet smiles. It's great that you are offering and encouraging parents to get in the pictures with their babies.
Christine D - Three month old babies can be difficult to photograph because they do not sit yet, but you are right about their smiles! And you do a beautiful job capturing perfect baby portraits with that age! I think parents should get newborn photos and then do photo sessions every three months to document those big stages in their baby's first year. And if they are in Riverside, they should look up Diane Bartoo!
Diane Bartoo - She does have awesome cheeks! Thank you Dawn!
Diane Bartoo - Thank you for the wonderful compliment!
Diane Bartoo - This one was extra adorable! Thank you!
Samantha - I couldn't agree more! From smiles to laughing to the joy in their eyes of recognizing your voice, three to four month old baby portraits are perfect timing. I am loving this little one cuddled up in peach. Adorable!
Melanie Melugin - What a sweet baby girl! The colors are perfect with her skin tone ~ The lighting is impeccable. Any family in Riverside would be lucky to have you as their photographer the capture the life moments in their life!
Dawn - Ohmigoodness, Look at those cheeks! This three to four month portrait session is perfect. The soft peach wrap and the cute wicker basket is just so sweet. I really liked described everything how your described everything that happens at that milestone as well, really makes me want to capture all those moments when I have little ones!