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Riverside Pregnancy PhotographyRiverside Pregnancy Photography

I love when I get to meet my fabulous clients for a maternity photography session. It is a wonderful way to get to know everyone before the baby is born. Having a pregnancy session is fun and a wonderful gift for the generation you are creating. Children love to see pregnancy portraits of themselves. 

For this little guy, it's about that all too important one on one time with mama before baby is born. For him, although he may be too young at 2 years old to remember, having these portraits will give him this wonderful, tangible memory that he will be able to see on the walls of him home. 

A maternity session is that last chance to take a family portrait before baby is born. It is a wonderful time to celebrate the belly before it's gone. Feel free to contact me about a pregnancy photography session. Ask me about maternity/newborn combo sessions, a great way to document both pregnancy and newborn. 

Pregnancy is one the most magical experiences a mama can have and it is over all too quickly.  Capturing your pregancy is an amazing gift that you can leave to the generation that you are creating. It is fond memory captured in time that you can share with your children.

pregnancy photography session is best when the tummy is nice and round and Mama is feeling well. This can be anywhere from 30-39 weeks.

We offer combination packages for maternity and newborn photography.

I am an award-winning photographer, offering family sessions, maternity and newborn photography, watch me grow sessions, first year sessions, baby sessions, cake smash session for families in the Inland Empire, Riverside, Corona, Norco, Chino, Eastvale, Moreno Valley and


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Diane Bartoo - Thank you Effie, maternity photography is wonderful gift to give the generation that you are creating!
Effie L. - You bring up such a great point of involving the siblings in the maternity session!
These are so lovely and will be cherished for many many years to come!

Beautiful work!
Diane Bartoo - Thank you Megan, you are so right! Kids grow so fast and newborn babies become toddlers in a blink of an eye. I will doing this newborn photography for this family this week, so stay tuned!
Megan - These maternity images are Stunning! I know that this riverside family will cherish these memories. Its such a fleeting moment and then what was 3 will be 4, and hopefully you will get to document the new family member with newborn photography too!
Diane Bartoo - Thank you Deanna! I love this maternity photo session too!
Diane Bartoo - Thank you Jennifer! This little sure was excited, I am looking forward to photography little sister very soon!
Deanna - I have to commend you on this photo shoot! I know portraits with toddlers can be challenging, but you made it look effortless in your Riverside studio. You've captured the family connection beautifully. The happiness in the first image made me smile, great capture!
Jennifer Rittenberry - Stunning! I love when you can catch the excitement of a sibling waiting on their new brother or sister and you did just that in this beautiful maternity session. I can't wait to see the newborn photos for this Riverside family!
Diane Bartoo - Thank you Jenny!
Diane Bartoo - Thank you Doru!
Jenny Storment - The one of big brother and mom is great! Beautiful work on this families portraits as the get ready to welcome their newest addition.
Christine d - These maternity portraits are just as beautiful as all your work is! I can tell that there was some energy going on in the studio that day, but you tamed it and captured that little man with his family perfectly. They will all treasure these last moments as a family if three in these portraits for years to come!
patty - What an amazing keepsake for him!! Maternity photography is my favorite. Celebrating that beautiful woman full of life and this is just too special with big brother being there. Riverside mamas need to call you up and get the maternity photographs done with you for sure!
Doru - Your maternity photos are just perfect! Each individual photo looks like a piece of art! Great job providing the best memories for the families that trust your vision!
Diane Bartoo - Thank you Brenden! You nailed it! He was as high energy as they come and so very adorable! Their maternity photo session was so fun! Baby sister was born this morning so the newborn photo session is very soon indeed!
Diane Bartoo - Beautiful said Lauren! There is nothing like being pregnant and being able to celebrate it with a maternity photo session!
Diane Bartoo - Thank you Allison! Maternity photography sessions are so fun and this was particularly fun as this little 2 year old was a bundle of energy and so adorable! His little sister was just born this morning, so I'm looking forward the family again very soon for their newborn photo session.
Diane Bartoo - Hi Ruben,

Thank you so much for the compliment. I love back lighting and light colors for maternity photography. For this family, with such a high energy little guy, the light setting was particularly fitting.
Ruben - Diane, these maternity shoots are stunning! I especially am drawn to the colors and light of the first image. Love the movement, energy and moment between mama and son!
Allison Anderson - That sis such a fun and beautiful maternity photo -- the one with the little boy swinging from his mom's arms! I love the silhouette of her tummy through the maternity gown. While is it sometimes hard to get the photos with toddlers, it is so great when families want one more photo together before baby comes.
Lauren - A Maternity Photo Session is the quintessential way to celebrate motherhood, is it not? You feel your most beautiful, round and full of life, and your excitement for the impending birth -- and meeting your new little one -- just shines from your eyes. It's a beautiful way to build excitement and commemorate the most special time in your life: pregnancy. <3
Brenden - Aww there little one looks like a bundle of energy! He's going to be a super fun big brother! These maternity photos are beautiful. Can't wait to see the photos of the whole family after the baby is born.
Diane Bartoo - Thank you Beth! Maternity photos are so fun, glad you enjoyed them :)
Beth - Aw, such sweet maternity photos! Mama is stunning, and it looks like her big boy had lots of fun at the maternity session! Looking forward to seeing newborn photos soon!