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Why hire a professional newborn photographer?

This is a question that comes around every now and again. Why should I hire a professional newborn photographer? Can’t I take my own? Princess Kate took her own newborn photos! These are questions that I’ve been asked and want to address in the post. It’s true that you can take your own newborn photos. With professional cameras readily available, practically anyone who wants one can buy one and instantly become a professional photographer. They are a dime a dozen on Craigslist. Problem for most is they won’t be able to get a quality image consistently. Chances are though, if you take enough images, you bound to get a few great ones. It’s true that Princess Kate took her own newborn photos, and they were very good. Little bit of trivia though, she was an art major who studied bit of photography, so it is possible!

Reason number 1 of why to hire a professional newborn photographer for you newborn baby session is that your baby is only this little once and for a very short time! Newborn faces are so precious, from those gorgeous squishy lips and little chubby cheeks to their adorable teeny tiny toes. After 14 days old, those little faces change, the cheeks fill in, baby acne comes and where your baby is still adorable, they are no longer sleepy and curly.

Reason number 2 of why to hire a professional newborn photographer for you newborn baby session is so that you and dad can be in some of the pictures! So even though you are not feeling 100% back to normal after the birth of your child, it is important to be present in newborn photos for your children. They will treasure these portraits for the rest of their lives. .  If you own a nice camera and think you should take the newborn photos yourself, just remember that you want to be in photos for your children, it give them a sense of being.

Reason number 3 of why to hire a professional newborn wphotographer for your baby session is that you want someone who be able to provide beautiful portraits of your baby.  I have spent much time honing my skills and learning everything I could about newborn babies. The learning never ends, as I take classes to learn new techniques every year through seminars, mentoring and workshops.  The topic of why you should hire a newborn photographer for your newborn photography session is a controversial one and I will give you my opinion on why I believe it’s crucial to preserving your family memories.

Newborn photography in RiversideHow to find a newborn photographer for your newborn baby photo session.  Every photographer will have a style, it is important to choose someone whose style you love and admire. There are some important factors to look for when hiring someone to photograph your newborn baby.  Do you love the images? Do they match your lifestyle? Will they let me have input? Are they patient? My clients notice how patient I am with their baby and how easily I am able to calm them down, it's always a compliment when they recognize my skill.  You can ask your prospective newborn photographer what they do to soothe crying or fussy babies, they should be able to tell their method and you will see their success.  Those final images require a lot more than just a nice camera; remember to ask questions, lots of questions.  

 You will fall in love with a certain look, it might be the simplicity of the look or it might be the complexity of the props, but whatever it is, take note of what and why you like a certain look.    If you like a clean, organic looks, then you are not going to choose a newborn photographer that uses a ton of props.  You want to work with a newborn photographer that will take your thoughts and ideas and work them into your session, but can also come up with ideas on her own. 

There are going to be lots of new photographers who will do your newborn photography session for free or for almost next to nothing, but keep in mind that you might not get quality with a new photographer when you choose your newborn photographer.  The quality of your newborn portraits will be directly related to experience and education. It takes an immense amount of training and practice to safely pose a newborn baby. You will be able to tell the difference between an experienced professional and novice.  An experienced photographer will have lots of patience, and be able to read your baby's cues and consistently produce quality work.   

 Look through all of the galleries on your newborn photographer's website.  Every images should be appealing, ask to see full sessions so you know what an entire session would look like. See if the newborn photos on their websites look relaxed and if there is enough variety. The images should showcase babies in flattering looks.   See that images show off tiny features, see that there are images shot from differentangles that capture the beauty of newborn of your baby.  

Also ask your newborn photographer if she is up to date on her whooping cough vaccination. I got mine and it is so important to keep babies healthy.  Another thing to ask your photographer is if they have business insurance.  If something to ever happen, you want to be protected and insurance is there for you.   

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One factor that will play a role in choosing a newborn photographer is price.  

Everyone has a budget and price is definitely a factor when choosing a newborn photographer.   Going with the cheapest or best deal is not always the best decision when choosing someone for your newborn photos.   You want to get it right the first time since you only have a short time that your baby with be a newborn, chances are that if you don't like your images, you won't be able to reshoot with someone else.  It is very similar to wedding photography in that you really only get one shot at it.  Newborn sessions are more costly than other portrait sessions because they take a lot of time in session and in editing, require a lot of money going into the sessions in props and equipment and the photographer has had an extensive amount of continued learning whether it is through workshops or mentoring sessions which all gets rather expensive.  Newborn photography sessions take 2-4 hours, 10 or so hours in editing the session, and 2 more hours in client consultations and correspondence.  You are paying for artwork that will be proud to display for years to come.  It is more that the photo you are paying for, it is art and lifetime memories for clients and that should be respected and appreciated. In my opinion, quality imagery is more valuable than quantity. Don't be fooled by "all the images on CD for $100" I know clients who book me do so because they appreciate my work and are willing to pay for it, not because they are hunting for the quantity over quality. Keep in mind the photographer’s portfolio, experience and remember this person is going to be handling your new baby so you want to be sure they consider baby safety and know how to appropriately handle, soothe and pose your baby.  Everyone deserves classic, timeless photos captured of their new bundle. So take a little bit of time to research your newborn photographer, and get someone whose work you value. HIRE A NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER!

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Diane Bartoo - Thank you! Newborn Photography is a big decision and having a guide that explains to parents why they should hire a newborn photographer has always been on my to-do list. So glad to finally have it done.
Allison Anderson - I think it can be very overwhelming for parents, especially new parents, when deciding to book a photographer for their newborn's photos. You have written a wonderful guide for them to help weed through all the choices for newborn photographers and pick the best one for them!
Christine - I agree with you that newborn photography is very important! You make some great points to consider about why to hire a newborn photographer!
Jenny Storment - What a great informative blog post for new parents on the importance of hiring a newborn photographer that knows about safety, and quality that it worth paying for.
Diane Bartoo - I also get those panicked parents who used a friend or craigslist photographer and have a bunch of cell phone quality images for their newborn portraits and need an appointment asap. It's so sad and such a waste of time. I hope this article on "why to hire a newborn photographer" helps some parents.

I also hope it helps other photographers realize that where it might be fun to do their own newborn photography, they too will benefit from getting someone whose work they respect, do their newborn photo session so that they can be in the images.
Diane Bartoo - Thank you Doru, I often get questions of why hire a newborn photographer and writing an article seemed like the most efficient way to get the word out.
Doru - Great article about hiring a professional for newborn photos. I really like all the options described there! Great job on making a reference article for parents.
Christine D - This blog post is spot on! I have actually had several clients call me in a panic saying that they had a friend take photos but their newborn session was horrible and they needed to have a good one ASAP. And then it is hard to schedule them in. There is so much about photography and producing beautiful and quality products that someone with a nice camera just does not know about. A true professional will be safe and provide gorgeous artwork that will preserve those memories. Riverside parents can certainly get that from Diane Bartoo Photography!
Diane Bartoo - Yes, I agree, the most important reason to hire a newborn photographer is so that the family gets that first family portrait.
Samantha - Wow, what a great write up on why to hire a newborn photographer. Mommies and daddies just do not realize how quickly that first few days and even week, gosh even months, will fly by. Before you know it they are a year old and you only have iPhone photos to look back on. It is so important to have your little one capture while they are well, little!
Dawn Potter Photography - This article on why hiring a newborn photographer is important really says it all! Especially the part about mom being in the photos, too. That's one thing I really missed out on with my little guys and I wish I had invested the money in having them done by a professional newborn photographer, like yourself!
Brenden - You covered so many important points of things that are important to think about when hiring a newborn photographer. To me the most important reason was that everyone should be in the photos too! Getting the first family portrait is such a wonderful memory in a families history and just think about when that little baby grows up and sees that beautiful image of their mother and father.